Massage services


Integrated massage

Integrated massage is the practical application of various hands-on techniques to treat a client’s specific areas of discomfort during a massage session. All treatments are designed for the individual client to deliver the best therapeutic result during the session. From stress reduction to pinpointed muscular work for aches and pains, I am here to help you.

30 min = $35 60 min = $70 90 min = $105


Ashiatsu massage

Modality coming soon!!!


Prenatal & perinatal massage

30 min = $35 60 min = $70 90 min = $105


Corporate chair massage

There is nothing I love more than bringing my chair into a business because the company wants to show their employees they care. Besides showing the employees they are appreciated, chair massage is shown to increase productivity, enhance creativity, boost employee morale, decrease pain in joints and muscles, and reduces depression, anxiety, and stress.

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